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​Spring Holiday.
​Hi, everyone! The Championship in Poland is over. I’m on holiday. So I have some time to tell you about the main events of recent days. All my strength is gone after the final series of Wisla – CCC.
Warm feelings
When I played in Gorzow, I noticed that a lot of adults had come to see home games, but there were no children and youth at all. That’s why I’m glad that I’ve managed to invite guys from the local orphanage to the game. We organized a real holiday for them. I bought tickets and gifts. And later I brought a trampoline as they had asked. I was surprised. Almost all of them have seen live basketball for the first time.
Smile, gentlemen...
Hi, everyone!I’ve just finished packing my bag. I’m going to Gomel with it this time. Yelena, aren’t you bored? No, it's my life - bags, airplanes, team practice sessions, flights. Actually I can easily give a master class on choosing the right bag or putting all your stuff in it. I have a lot of methods and a great experience, which the most important thing. Well, smile! 
Peace around the ball
See you, Atlanta! I’m looking at you from top to bottom. This flight is the only opportunity to stop time and collect my scattered thoughts. There is no training, no setup, and no game today.
Our bus was moving on...
Hi, everyone! I’m writing my blog on Monday evening from Atlanta. You know, today we could have been playing a decisive match with Washington. Right now. But the third fight wasn’t necessary as we are in the final of the Conference ALREADY! 
About love
Hi, everyone! One week left before the end of a regular season in WNBA. These are two games that, in fact, will be key ones to the play-off matches. Everything will finally get resolved. 
My time
Travelling in July is left behind. August is also filled with games, but Atlanta has only two games away of the next eight, which is certainly good news. It doesn’t mean you’ll have more time for yourself. I suppose me and rest are incompatible concepts indeed. I’ll just be able to do more different things.