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International Women's Day: The Atlanta Dream's Yelena Leuchanka
Currently playing overseas in Poland, Leuchanka remains driven to return to the WNBA Finals in 2011 along with her Dream teammates with the hopes of securing the franchise's first-ever championship.  
Basketball player Yelena Leuchanka, “I want to be weak”
When basketball appeared in my life. I suddenly found an environment where I felt confident for the first time. I simply succeeded at once. On the court I was respected and valued as a player. And this feeling started growing as wings or love. 
Off the Court with Yelena Leuchanka
Dream center Yelena Leuchanka was recently featured in JEZEBEL Magazine’s annual “Most Beautiful Atlantans” edition. But it wasn’t always that easy for Leuchanka, who struggled with her height and build as a teenager. Find out in her own words, how Leuchanka found confidence through basketball and why she thinks it’s important to define herself as more than just an athlete. 
Yelena Leuchanka: a Model in Sport
A dashing blonde is the leader of the Belarus women’s national team 
Yelena Leuchanka: women’s basketball – and in general, basketball in the country! – should be paid more attention!
Yelena Leuchanka discusses the problems of basketball development in Belarus 
Yelena Leuchanka: there’s no sadness in my heart, but rather joy
The leader of the women's basketball team of Belarus sums up the World Cup in the Czech Republic 
Yelena Leuchanka: This might not happen again!
The world best center is tired of “basketball all the year round” and is not going to miss what could have happened.
Promoting Femininity of WNBA Hoopsters
Yelena Leuchanka of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream is working to dispel the idea that female basketball players "all look like guys." 
The Road to Success
She grew up in the shadow of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster and into an “awkward” teen – the tallest in her class. Today, now stunning and poised, the 6’5” center for the WNBA Atlanta Dream, Yelena Leuchanka knows much about perseverance and overcoming the odds. 
Yelena Leuchanka: Health and Style
My style answers certain requirements 
Player's Atlanta Dream is modeling
Interview to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution